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Leadership, Coaching & Volunteering

The School Sports Partnership believe passionately about the benefits of leadership for every young person, as well as recognise the crucial and beneficial role young people play in delivering school and community sport opportunities for others.

The leadership ladder aims to outline the leadership journey for young people:

Learning to Lead (What makes a good leader?)

Leading Participants (Year 4 Leaders, Leadership Academies, Bronze Ambassadors, and Year 8 Sports Leaders )

Leading and Mentoring Others (Year 9/10 Sports Leaders , Young Coaches Academy,

Influencing Others (Young Ambassadors, Health Champions)


The leadership learning experience can take place through both Lower, Middle and Upper schools, as well as in the community, at both a national and local level.

The leadership journey is not always linear, and through different roles and opportunities young people will move between the steps but continue to develop their skills in a broad range of settings.

Within each stage of the ladder, young people will have the opportunity to utilise their skills in a range of events and activities.

The Leadership journey will enable young people to develop skills for life which will support their future employability.

For training available within Milton Keynes please contact the SSP office.

Download the Leadership Pathway document

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